Condor Mount Type Helmet Hanger

CONDOR Mount Type Helmet Hanger for all types of helmets, motor cross, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, auto racing etc.
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  • Item #: Condor MTHH

The CONDOR Mount Type Helmet Hanger works on all types of helmets.

It is ideal for standard and non-standard closed face helmets, open face helmets, motor cross helmets, snowmobile helmets and auto racing helmets.

The CONDOR Helmet Hanger Hanger is suited for all mounting applications. It can be mounted on doors, trailer walls, garage walls, shed walls etc.

The Helmet Hanger can also be used for storage and is perfect for airing out a sweaty helmet.

Made from one eighth inch, hot rolled steel, ee-coated and rubber stripped for optimum helmet protections.

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