Sta-Bil Marine Formula Ethanol Treatment

Sta-Bil ethanol gas treatment for all 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines and motors.
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BEST Ethanol Problem Fighter

Extra Corrosion Protection and Fuel System Cleaning

For Optimal, Everyday Performance and Protection

Recommended to be used at Every Fill Up, Not Just for Seasonal Storage

DOUBLE the Corrosion Preventers in Regular STA-BIL

Over FOUR TIMES the Fuel System Cleaner in Regular STA-BIL

Use in ALL 2 and 4-cycle marine engines, in gasoline, gasoline-oil mixtures and ethanol blends

Also safe to use in ALL stored or infrequently driven collector cars, motorhomes, tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, lawnmowers and ALL outdoor power equipment.

MARINE Formula STA-BIL is completely safe to use in any engine powered by gasoline, gasoline-oil mixtures, and ethanol blends. It contains no additives that could harm a fuel tank or fuel lines, or an engine, fuel injectors or intake valves. Use of STA-BIL will not void any engine warranty. In addition, over treatment is safe and will not harm engine.

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