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Amsoil Information
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Hitt-N-Miss Independent Amsoil Direct Jobbers

Amsoil Corp. strictly forbids advertising of Amsoil Products and prices on web sites other than officially approved Amsoil sites.

If you are interested in purchasing Amsoil Products, contact us directly on our toll free # (888)-470-5702

Sign up as a Preferred Customer. This puts you in charge of your ordering and in command of your choices and expense. Becoming a Preferred customer is simple, easy to do and probably the most cost effective and efficient way to order Amsoil Products.

If you have a legitimate business, such as a farm, service business with vehicles, landscaping, delivery service, construction, livery etc. You will qualify to open a Commercial Account and receive the benefits of that type of account. This method is generally the most cost effective.

If you a have a retail outlet, such as a store, repair shop, convenience store, or any commercial outlet where you will re-sell the products, you are eligible to open a Retail on The Shelf Account. This is a great way to provide your customers with Amsoil Products and improve your bottom line.

Another avenue, is to become a Dealer yourself. Sell product to your friends, family and any contacts that you choose to make. For someone whom wants to spend minimum time in building a small business, this is the way to go. There are no demands and you get out of the program, that which you put into it.

For any of these programs, you can contact me direct and I can walk you through the process and insure that you get into the correct program.

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