Accugage 0-15 PSI Low Pressure Air Gauge-14 inch Hose

Accugage 0-15 PSI Low Pressure Air Gauge With 14 inch Hose. A must have for owners of ATVs, UTVs etc.
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  • Item #: RA15X

Needle holds pressure reading until released.

Accurate stop pressure reading.

Push-button valve bleeds off excess pressure.

Flexible 14 inch hose included.

Operating range is 0-15 PSI.

Durable steel case with polished brass bezel and 2 inch dial.

Dual range scales with psi and kPa or kg/cm2 are available.

Designed to stay accurate.

Gauges have a full geared, precision movement with bronze bourdon tube.

Unlike piston-plunger-type gauges, the bourdon tube movement is not affected by changes in temperature, humidity or altitude.

Polished brass bezel, stem and pressure release valve assembly.

Required for LOW PRESSURE tires used on ATV's, air shocks etc.

Lifetime warranty

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Price $24.99

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