Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner

Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner
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  • Item #: MP 08-0356

Seal Mate has been fixing leaking fork seals on all types of dirt bikes and street bikes, over the past 10 years. Many motorcycle shops will charge an upwards of $300 to replace your fork seals. However, with the Seal Mate tool you can now fix your leaking fork seals for under $6!

As well, this tool has been specifically designed to be reusable for your on-going fork seal maintenance. If you want to save time and money on your next fork seal job then look no further! The Seal Mate tool will fix your leaky fork seals unless the seals are damaged.

The Seal Mate Tool is the only tool on the market engineered to fix your leaking fork seals.

Works with almost every kind of motorcycle, Street, Sport, Dirt bike, and even Mountain bikes (Regular and Inverted Fork Suspensions).

In less than 5 minutes and $6, you can reseal your leaking fork seals without the hassle of removing and disassembling your forks.

We recommend you use the Seal Mate tool as maintenance tool so you can prolong the life of your fork seals.

Some motorcycle shops will recommend that you replace your fork seals (for a small price of around $250), when in fact they don't need to be unless they are ripped or torn. Considering Seal Mate is under $6 what do you have to lose?

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