Vessel IMPACTA 980 Series JIS P2 X 150 Impact Screwdriver

Vessel J.I.S. Screwdriver, Impacta 980 P2 x 150
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  • Item #: Vessel IMPACTA 980 P2 X 150

Vessel IMPACTA 980 Series JIS P2 X 150 Impact Screwdriver

The 980 Series "Vessel IMPACTA" is a revolutionary J.I.S. screwdriver that features a built-in impact driven screw removal function.

980 P2-150 + P2 Cross Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length, (6 inch Shaft, 10 inches overall)

Great for: Stripped Screws, Rusted Screws, Stuck Screws

The proprietary Tang-Thru nut incorporates a cam rotation mechanism, which turns the driving tip counter-clockwise by 12° when the handle is hit with a hammer.

The "Vessel IMPACTA 980" leverages impact acceleration to remove stuck screws.

Slip-Proof Handle. Magnetized tip

When used with oil covered hands, tightening torque is 26% higher with the "Vessel IMPACTA 980" than with other normal screwdrivers.

JIS compatible tip design which is made to work on J.I.S. style screws, however will also work on Phillips tips. Built to last.

The Tang-Thru handle features a large end cap that allows the operator to strike the handle with a hammer without damaging the screwdriver handle.

The Vessel IMPACTA 980 series screwdriver, has a JAWSFIT J.I.S. Tip as well as a Magnetized Tip.


The J.I.S. screwdriver is a must for anyone contemplating working on Japanese Industrial Standard made products, such as Motorcycles, Automotive, Power Sports Equipment, Remote Control Hobby Equipment, Telephone and Electrical Equipment!

A Japanese cross-point screwdriver fits a JIS and a Phillips screw. However, a Standard Phillips driver will not fit a JIS screw.

The high precision black point cross-point tips fit "JIS" (Japanese Industrial Standard) and standard screw heads perfectly. This ensures a correct fit for fastening and helps prevent cam-outs (screw head stripping)


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