J&M Z-Series Lower-Section 8-pin Lower Cord HC-ZVT. HC-ZVT to be used with: 2008-2013 Kawasaki, Can-Am Spyder and Victory Vision 7-pin audio systems.
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  • Item #: J&M Z-Series HC-ZVT Lower Cord

J&ampM headset lower cord HC-ZVT heavy-duty Z-Series 8-pin lower-section hook-up cord is to be used with all J&ampM Elite Series headset: HS-ECD 629, HS-ICD 629, HS-ECD 584, HS-ICD 584, HS-ECD 477, HS-ICD 477, HS-ECD 374, HS-ECD 271 &amp HS-ECD 269 headsets for connection to 1998-2013 BMW &amp J&ampM 7-pin audio systems.

Additional J&ampM Headset lower section cords available for additional Motorcycle applications:

HC-ZB to be used with: 1980-2013 Honda &amp J&ampM 5-pin audio systems.

HC-ZHD to be used with: 1998-2013 Harley 7-pin audio systems.

HC-ZJM to be used with: 1999-2013 J&ampM Corp &amp BMW 6-pin audio systems.

HC-ZVT to be used with: 2008-2013 Kawasaki, Can-Am Spyder &amp Victory Vision 7-pin audio systems.

HC-ZC to be used with: 1983-2013 Yamaha 5-pin audio systems, 1989-1997 Harley, Kawasaki Suzuki 5-pin audio systems and 1988-2000 Honda GL-1500 with J&ampM passenger controller.


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