Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment 8 oz

Star Tron enzyme fuel treatment.
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  • Item #: Star Tron 8oz


Treats 48 gallons

Unique enzyme formula improves performances of all engines, 2 or 4 cycle

Improves fuel economy

Reduces emissions

Cleans entire fuel delivery system from tank to injectors and combustion chambers

Removes carbon deposits and prevents future deposits

Ideal for ethanol-blended gasoline

Star Trons various enzymes will actually de-emulsify water, which is the correct way to treat contaminated fuel. The advantage to removing water in microscopic amounts is that Star Trons enzyme technology is totally harmless to an engine and does not change the ASTM specifications for fuel.

Star Tron will not remove water from a glass jar but it will remove the water layer in operational boats, cars, ATVs, motorcycles or outdoor power equipment. The real Star Tron advantage goes beyond just how it eliminates water, or even how it cleans up sludge.

Star Tron is also a combustion catalyst that reduces emissions, including deadly carbon monoxide, while it increases power and fuel economy. Star Tron removes combustion chamber carbon deposits, reducing an engines octane demand and eliminating engine knock, as well as cleaning the entire fuel system.

Star Tron breaks down and safely disperses gum, sludge and varnish, and it outperforms conventional chemical-based gas stabilizers because in addition to slowing the aging of fuel - gasoline can be stabilized for up to two years.

Star Tron can also rejuvenate stale fuel, restoring it to serviceable condition. It can improve octane in old, sub-standard or non-spec gasoline. It does all this at the lowest cost-per-gallon-treated of any additive.

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