Kruzer Kaddy Model 400 Leather Wrap Finish Beverage Holder

Kruzer Kaddy Model 400 Leather Wrap Finish Beverage Holder
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  • Item #: Kruzer 400 Leather Wrap

Kruzer Kaddy Model 400 Leather Wrapped Finish Beverage Holder is a unique accessory for the motorcycle or ATV

Kruzer Kaddy Beverage holder is an inexpensive means to maintain hydration for the rider

KRUZER KADDY Drink Holder can be used to hold beverages, sunglasses, cell phones, radios, etc. Kruzer Kaddy can be mounted on rear crash bar on Harley Davidson, for the passenger as well

Kruzer Kaddy includes two foam inserts which accommodate various sizes of drink containers such as 12 ounce can, 16 and 20 ounce bottles

Kruzer Kaddy Fits 7-8, 1, and 1 1-4 inch handlebars, crash bars etc

Each Kruzer Kaddy is individually boxed and comes with an hex wrench for easy assembly

Kruzer Kaddy is easily detachable, for those times when you don?t want to take your Kruzer Kaddy with you

Kruzer Kaddy provides a Grommet to secure your cup in position as desired

An excellent fit for Harley Davidson rider passengers, for bikes fitted with a saddlebag crash bar

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